Expertise and Assessments

Encouraged by great French and foreign institutions, as well as by numerous collectors, we offer valuation services for both buying and selling art works.

If you wish to sell a piece which you consider to be rare or unique, feel free to request advice from our gallery. We will research your item’s authenticity as well as its estimated value.

With an expert assessment in hand when you wish to sell or purchase an art object, you will have more confidence in your transactions. The evaluation and estimation of your item will be free; you will only be charged for an eventual certificate of authenticity.

You may send us an assessment request by email or postal services after having gathered as much information as possible related to your work (artist if known, subject, technique, dimensions, provenance, etc.) and a few photographs of the item.

We are also authorized to do inventories on your account in view of estimations, partition, and insurance. In fact, it is best to be prepared for the unknown by having a precise idea of the value of your possessions.

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