From October 4th to 12th, 2013

The Magic Surrealism of A Cactus at Auction - Jorge Rodriguez de Rivera

The Alexis Bordes Gallery

“Despite the strong contrast upon arriving in Paris from my Canary Islands, I never abandoned my particular origins which were these Fortunate Isles between Africa, South America, and the Iberian Peninsula. My work in photos and collage responds to these multiple cultural layers which cohabit, superimpose, and mutually show each other off to advantage; when I place an improbable unexpected scene in the midst of a view of Drouot, figures telescope history and styles; surrealism is never far away.

What better place than the Hôtel Drpuot to give this image of travelling through time and space! I discover every style and every period there. It is an inventory in keeping with Prévert, a dictionary of follies, a grammar of deliria from which I draw inspiration for my collages which become so many doors open to the incredible inventiveness of mankind bearing signatures of Canarian cacti which take root in each of Drouot’s rooms, so as to reinvent the history of auction rooms in Paris.”

Jorge Rodríguez de Rivera Olives

The Artist’s blog:

"Flea Market at Drouot"
Collage on photo
30.5 x 20.3 cm. (12 x 8 in.)

Collage on photo
20.2 x 27.1 cm. (7 15/16 x 10 11/16 in.)

"Order of Purchase"
Collage onphoto
15.1 x 20 cm. (5 15/16 x 7 7/8 in.)